The fundamentals of Energy: resources, products, markets, actors and rules

This is an introductory course designed to present the core components of the industry.

Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Energy Infrastructure

This course covers the construction of energy infrastructure,

Licensing and Procurement in the Energy Sector

Public authorities are licensing private individuals’ energy activities,

Transportation of Energy Resources – Crossborder Energy Networks

This course is about so-called downstream activities in the oil & gas sector.

Energy and Environment: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental Liability, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

The content of this course is threefold:

Renewable Energy Resources

This lesson focuses on renewable energy and its rapidly growing market,

Exploration, Extraction and Production of Hydrocarbons

This course covers the so-called “upstream” activities in the hydrocarbon sector.

Oil and Oil Products: Refining and distribution of oil products – Security of Energy Supply

This lesson has three parts that are developed around a central axis, namely oil and, to a large extent, the dependence of the world economy on it, shortly before its transition to the oil era, as global oil reserves are exhausted:

Investments in the Energy sector: Assessment of investment projects, Financing, FDI and Settlement of disputes

This course starts with learning to read a business plan for the study,

Trade in Energy: public regulation, commercial transactions, trade finance and commodities markets

This course in its legal dimension analyzes in principle the GATT / WTO

The electricity market

This lesson examines the specific institutions and rules governing the electricity market both at the EU level and at the national level.

The Natural Gas Market

This lesson examines the specific institutions and rules governing the gas market